donderdag 8 maart 2018

Obe's story

Obe is 3,5 years old. He has a severe mental delay, troubles with eating and is being seen by 9 different medical specialists in UZ Gent. His mental age is around 12 months. He has a hypotone image, can't walk yet without an aid( he can walk with a walking aid and hopefully can walk by himself by the summer).
He doesn't appear to have any feelings of hunger or interest in food. He can't eat/drink by himself. He gets fed through a tube as a supplement for his calorieintake. There are also visual problems but testing this has proven to be difficult. Obe now wears glasses of -7 but keeping it on is the issue. 

Aid: An aid that helps Obe keep his glasses on his head. He usually pulls this off.

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